A few words...

Siôn Smith is a writer and essayist who has an appetite for stringing subjects together using nothing but blu-tack and spit: pop-culture criticism, rock music, travel, crime novels, the natural world, dirty realism authors and art all fall easily under the hammer... often in the same essay.

He is best known for his books - Black Dye White Noise, The Language of Thieves & Vagabonds, The Day The Sky Fell Down, Cities of the Dead, The Family Of Noise and Scenes From The Coffee House.

Previously a magazine editor for over 15 years, he has written hundreds of articles about rock music and the counter-culture. Now and again, smart people at CNN, BBC and SKY ask him to comment on such things.

He is also the creator and host of the new Starfish and Coffee podcast and a recovering songwriter.

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